Friday, February 14, 2014

New Release: THE WRONG TODD by Donna McDonald

Happy Valentine's Day!  This is a romance author's favorite holiday and to celebrate I wrote a quirky, happy love story for you.


After she survives the bachelor auction, Sabine vows she is never doing another favor for a friend. This is especially true for favors that involve spending large sums of money and buying men whose last names she doesn't even know.

In twenty bachelors, Sabine maybe expected to find several Davids, Mikes, or Johns. But what were the odds of two Todds?

And now what is she going to do on a date with the wrong one?

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Excerpt from THE WRONG TODD by Donna McDonald

I set out to write a Valentine's Day novella for fun, but ended up writing a longer book instead. I was having too much fun with my quirky, funny characters to quit. The jokes kept rolling and I kept writing. So here the first chapter for your perusal.

It will be released next week, hopefully by February 14.  Happy Valentine's Day!



Though she hadn’t openly flirted with a good-looking man in a long time, Sabine smiled at the one smiling back at her. Then as casually as she could, she turned her attention back to her emergency phone call.

“So here’s the deal. There’s a cute guy sitting across from me just out of earshot. He smiles every time he catches me chair dancing to the canned music they’re playing. Should I go over and say hello? Do women get to do that now?”

“Depends, babe. How old is he?”

Joe’s excessively loud demand vibrated her eardrum and had her holding the phone away from her head. She glared before pulling it back, but didn’t press it against her head again.

“Stop yelling, Joe. There’s no crowd here.”