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Hallee Bridgeman talks about "Edgy Christian Romances" (Guest Author)

Today my guest author is Inspirational Romance writer, Hallee Bridgeman. Hallee is member of my local writing group and the author of, Sapphire Ice, which is the debut novel of her new series. She is following that release with Emerald Fire this week. Let’s get to it now so you can get to know her.

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Donna: Hi Hallee! Tell my blog readers a little about yourself.

Hallee: Hi, Donna! I am married to Gregg. We have three children and live in the perfect small town in central Kentucky. I’m a full time writer, managing two blogs and writing novels. I love cooking, baking, entertaining, Doctor Who, and shopping – which really works out for me because my 15-year-old daughter could shop on a daily basis. I’m in the process of doing this 30-day blogging exercise so that people can get to know me a little better. One of the first things I had to do was list 15 “interesting” facts about myself – you can read them here: http://www.bridgemanfamily.com/hallee/30-days-of-bloggity-bloggness-day-1/

Donna: To let the reader in on one of the inside jokes within our writing group, we talked about categorizing your books as “edgy Christian”. Tell the readers about Inspirational Romance as a genre and where your books fall.

Hallee: In Sapphire Ice, Robin, the female protagonist, propositions Tony, the male protagonist, for sex. It’s a key element to the story that I really didn’t want to take out. However, according to a large conventional publisher, that element made my book too “risqué” for the typical Christian romance reader.

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Pondering that, I got to looking at my novels. In this series, in the first scene of Book 2, Emerald Fire, Maxine, the female protagonist, wakes up naked, in a hotel room in Las Vegas, and remembers she married a man who had buried his wife just three weeks before. In Book 3, Topaz Heat, Derrick, the male protagonist, is arrested for murdering a boy whose 10-year-old corpse was found in the wall of an apartment building in Derrick’s old neighborhood. The boy had been a drug dealing buddy of Derrick’s in his pre-redemption life.

There’s a lot of edginess in my books, a lot of real life. Christians have pre-Christ lives. They have daily temptations. They feel love and they feel passion. They make mistakes and have to live with them. Too many Christian romance novels skirt around such feelings and pasts and human-ness. I embrace them. A reviewer of Sapphire Ice on Amazon said, “Love the passion between the characters - love, LOVE the fact that the author so accurately portrays that being a Christian doesn't mean the absence of passion.”

When you and I were talking about it one day, you used the word “edgy.” I immediately embraced it. Edgy! That’s what I write – edgy Christian romance. As I began working toward publishing the first book in the series, I discovered that "edgy Christian romance" is actually a genre – a huge independent publishing genre. So while it may not be “original” – it fits so perfectly that it has become my tagline.

 “Hallee Bridgeman, author of edgy Christian romances.”

Donna: What should readers know about reading your books?

Hallee: The Jewel Series is about three half sisters who were daughters of an addict who was murdered along with her rapist boyfriend when the oldest of the sisters was 15 and the youngest was 9. There are memories that surface, nightmares that haunt, and stories that slowly come into the light. While I don’t go into gross detail, I don’t pretty life up much either. But, the beautiful thing is that in Christ, we are all new creations. Our past means nothing. It’s the here and now and what we do with it tomorrow that counts. In different ways, each book reveals that truth.

In Sapphire Ice, Robin doesn’t know anything about God or what being a Christian means. She thinks that men just use women and discard them. Because she’s attracted to Tony, a Christian, and he shows a very active interest in her, she feels like maybe he can teach her about a kind of sexuality between a man and a woman that doesn’t involve violence and pain. It surprises her that what she gets instead is a man who wants to love her, to treat her with respect, and to take care of her and cherish her.

Donna: Was there a real life inspiration for the story line? If not, where did you get the idea for the story?

Hallee: I don’t know where I got the inspiration for the story. I had a vague idea about an older sister working two jobs for her younger sisters, but it was just shadows of an idea. When I sat down to write it, as soon as I started typing, my brain was flooded with the story. I wrote it as quickly as I could, and had the (very) rough draft done in about a week. This was a fantastic story and until I wrote the third book, Tony was my favorite character I’d ever written.

Donna: Want to tell us about the other books in the series? What’s the next book and when will it be released?

Hallee: Emerald Fire is releasing on April 23rd. There are spoilers here, so be warned. This is the story of Maxine, the middle sister. Her male love interest was a cuckold husband whose wife died in an accident not long after telling him she was pregnant with another man’s child. He was very angry with God for his marriage, his wife, and her death that resulted in the death of the innocent life she carried. He and Maxine, who had always been friends, grew closer after his wife’s funeral. He invites her to Las Vegas to attend a college football bowl game, and they get married on a whim. Maxine realizes she loves him, but he feels very gallant and would rather spare her the embarrassment of their rushed elopement so soon after his wife’s demise. He promises her a quiet annulment, but Maxine determines that she will be his wife and moves into his home, making it clear to him that she is there when he is ready to have her.

Topaz Heat will release May 21st. This is the story of Sarah, the youngest sister, and Derrick, Tony’s protégé. Sarah has no memories of her broken young life leading up to the tragic murder of her mother – her first memory is waking up in the home of her adoptive parents. She doesn’t even know she has sisters until the morning of her 15th birthday. As an adult, she forms a relationship with them, but always feels a little left out. Derrick has been in love since the first day he met her, when he was fresh off the streets and being rescued from a life of crime and given a home by Tony. He sheds his old life, trading the ripped leather jacket for silk suits; trading dealing drugs for mentoring at risk youth; trading lock picking and slipping through windows for the rigors of mountain climbing and hotel management. He lives away from Boston for several years and returns to find his feelings for Sarah are as strong as they’ve ever been. Sarah becomes ill and Derrick nurses her back to health. She realizes she returns his feelings and is angry with herself for wasting the last ten years. They finally come together only to be ripped apart by a criminal indictment that brings Derrick’s past back to the present.

Donna: What’s next for you creatively? Are you working on something else?

Hallee: I used to write contemporary romances, and have seven novels completely written. Right now, I just plan to pull each one out and convert it to an “edgy Christian romance” before starting anything new. Some may have to be completely re-written, like I had to do with Emerald Fire. Some will just need a few added elements and some character tweaking like I did in Sapphire Ice. I believe that my next series that will be released is called The Renkoff Brothers Trilogy. It’s about triplet men from a Russian family living in Seattle, Washington. Each brother will have his own book. The titles as they stand now are Shelter with Brad, Love with Jon, and Life with Ken. They were fun men to write – I’m excited to see what happens to them when I add God to the mix.

Donna: How can readers contact you?

Hallee: I blog about writing at http://www.bridgemanfamily.com/hallee. You can find me on Twitter at @halleeb, on Google+ at https://plus.google.com/105383805410764959843/, on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hallee-Bridgeman/192799110825012

I also blog about everything homemaking from how to make homemade bread made from flour I ground out of wheat to making homemade laundry detergent to organic gardening and a thousand different things in between. You can find me there at http://www.halleethehomemaker.com.

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Genre debate: SciFi vs Paranormal vs Fantasy

Thanks much to Jesse Coffey for hosting me on her Edin Road Radio blog again last Thursday. We talked about my new paranormal/science fiction/space opera/Jesse thinks fantasy maybe series. How's that for genre confusion? However you want to categorize the new work I'm currently writing and releasing, I am having great fun writing the Forced To Serve series which is almost as fun as talking to Jesse about it.

Here's the link if you want to listen. Let me just plug Jesse's Edin Road Radio site by saying she interviews two authors a week every week, which is a lot of authors every year. Check out both her upcoming list and her archive. You might find some of your other favorites there.

Warning about mine: Southern accent and giggling likely to be heard. Jesse cracks me up and I end up saying and doing strange things around her. Hmmm...maybe I need to make her a character in one of my books. I think I will...muwhahahaha <practicising my evil laugh> . Vengeance will be mine. I obviously need to go back to the contemporaries for a while. Malachi (the demon in the series) is a bad influence.

Listen to internet radio with EdinRoad on Blog Talk

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Contest Winners: What does "Sexy 60" look like? (updated 4/23)

There were quite a few responses to this contest and it looks like lots of people were interested, but very few entries with photos. Apparently, everyone had the same challenges of non-availability. So pardon me for a moment while I do a little author pitch here:  

Professional photographers, take some honest-to-God sexy photos of older couples over 40. Catch some serious sexual interactions or at least imply a real sexual relationship. Make sure there is chemistry. Most stock sites show younger couples in positions that bring on the need for a cold shower. I was sorely disappointed with the ones between beautiful older couples being restricted to dancing on a beach or a gentle hug from behind. I'm including a great example here, so study it. I'm haunting stock sites for pictures that at least "imply" sexuality between the older couples as well as love. Show me your creative stuff. My readers and I are tired of looking so hard.

Thanks for waiting. Please share this with any professional photographers you know that sell their work on sites

I've picked two winners in the "Sexy 60" contest which I ran on both on my blog and on romancing-the-book.com. To protect their identities, I won't be including their names or emails here, but I am attaching the link to the number 1 photo I chose. 

It is spectacular and usually titled "love" everywhere I found it with a Google search. Interestingly, I could not find it on any stock site. It seems to be an organic photo of  a real couple as opposed to a professional photo featuring models, though I confess I have no idea which internet source was the "original" post of it. It's on tons of international "wallpaper" sites for free downloading. It's also in blogs, articles, and web albums. Whoever took the photo--and whoever you are in the photo--thank you for this shot. Seriously, you have put something truly wonderful and needed out into the web ether for discovery.

In my rant about the difficulty of this search, I told one of the winners that a woman who gets kissed like he is kissing her in this photo would never bemoan her neck wrinkles again. What does aging matter when there is kissing evidence that the quality of your life can be like this? Look at her lipstick and painted fingernails. This is a woman who loves herself enough to want to be beautiful. And her smile of delight, isn't that something every female craves? I'd love to see where his hands are in the picture. My guess is she's facing him sitting in his lap based on how her hair is falling behind her. Writers, like artists, think about these things. (Now you have gotten another  peek into my head about my love scenes.) 

Why am I dissecting this so much? Because I believe that everyone over 35 needs to see a thousand more photos like this that show love and sex are possible at future phases of our lives. Aging women need evidence--role models if you will. Hell, maybe even men do. I have a ton of older male readers, several of whom were the first to write and praise me for telling the "truth" about sex between older characters.

Anyway--fabulous photo--just fabulous. I show it here because it's on international sites everywhere and I figure my homage to it is just as valuable. I want to share it with everyone who hits my blog.

Okay. Back to business. Sadly, the winning photo, no matter how wonderful, didn't help my secondary goal of trying to find a legal, for sale to use in art, photo for the cover of Dating A Silver Fox (Book Five of the Never Too Late series). I was slightly bummed for a day or two, but my cover artist talked me down.

The other winning picture, which is in ways even more sexy and sexual than this one, was available on a stock photo site AND my cover artist was able to purchase it.

 In fact, in ways it absolutely reflects the character's interactions with each other. The kicker is that it wasn't the real link she meant to send, but rather something she was perusing and that got slapped onto the entry she sent. The two links were pasted together with this one first. However, it was the first one I opened and the sexuality hit me immediately. The guy is gray-haired and very alpha male. We decided that was a happy accident of the universe. Since I trust the universe, she wins for being the conduit. Since I trust my cover artist, my luck is holding and I have a sexy photo for my cover.

Thanks for participating in the contest and for helping me. I'm thinking about running this contest once a year just to see if the situation improves over time. Maybe a baby boomer photographer will take sexy baby boomer photos. Or some really enlightened Millennial photographer.

As I approach my 54th birthday next month, I remain an aging optimist.

***** !!! Thanks for participating. CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED !!! **************

I'm trying to discover what sexy and 60 looks like. I went searching for a stock photo of a sexy kiss or sexy pose between a couple that age. I sent a selection of photos I found to several groups of women mostly over 60 asking them to pick a favorite and give me feedback. To say my suggestions are bombing completely is putting it mildly. Their comments made me spit popcorn on my laptop.

Fortunately, I'm not easily discouraged when I really want the answer to something badly. Finding a pictorial representation of sexy and 60 is rapidly becoming a grail quest for me. It makes me want to get out my camera and put an ad in the paper. If I was writing non-fiction, I would.
When you start looking, it doesn't take much to figure out that photos with sexy men over 60 are plentiful. You see them in romantic clutches on the big screen all the time, but usually with younger women, often women young enough to be daughters or even granddaughters. It might work in an isolated situation, but it is not "normal". No one is fooled by that large age gap into thinking of it as genuinely sexy, nor does anyone over 40 believe such a disparate relationship will genuinely last or be meaningful. Most look at a 60 yr and 25 yr old together and snicker, unless you are a 60 year male and feeling envious.

Movies like "Something's Gotta Give" and "It's Complicated", now those relationships and scenarios we buy.

When I think of a woman who is over 60 and sexy, Helen Mirren always comes up on my radar. I couldn't find any with her kissing men though. I did discover in my research that Helen Mirren's real name is Ilynea Lydia Mironoff. My 67 year old heroine's name is Lydia McCarthy. I'm taking that as a "sign".

For those of you who have read the whole first series, you'll remember Lauren's mother Lydia and that she has a long way to go to get to sexy, and much farther to get to Helen's level.

Fortunately, my research has given me hope that it's going to be possible. I still read in memoirs, journals, and biographies that all it takes is the right man. Luckily for my Lydia, I believe that too.

To enter the contest: Email me a link to a site or photo that shows me what "sexy 60" in a romantic clutch looks like to you. I am specifically looking for kissing photos. If you find one at your favorite stock photo site, that's ideal. I did not have much luck finding ones that seemed appealing.


Winning entry will receive free copy of the ebook when published and/or an autographed copy of the print version. You will also receive acknowledgement for educating me in Lydia's book (still looking at early summer for a release).

Deadline to enter: February 15

Other interesting info I found in my Sexy 60 searches.

(The article said Jane Juska went 30 years without sex before launching into it again. In my own research about sex and aging, I find this to be a common experience. She also published her experiences in a memoir book called A Round-Heeled Woman, My Late Life Adventures in Sex and Romance which is for sale at Amazon. I just bought it myself.)

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Excerpt from NEXT SONG I SING

NEXT SONG I SING is Book One of the Next Time Around series. This series starts with a set of three former college roommates. All three are 40 and have divorced. The heroine of the first book (Chloe Zanders) has been living a whole coast away from the other two (Taylor Baird and Emma Wallace), but since her divorce has now returned to sunny California where she and her friends attended school. Together again after years of living apart, the trio decides to help each other find true love and romance.



Chloe sighed heavily as she saw a magazine with ear-marked pages being pulled from the bright red overnight case tossed on the roll-a-way cot next to the window. She hung her head and groaned like a woman dying.

“Emma, I can’t believe you still do those silly quizzes. I will not be answering any questions about my favorite position during sex, so don’t even ask.”

Emma Wallace studied her friend Chloe and then pointed the magazine at her.

“I’m not going to ask you difficult questions. I’ll take it easy on you because your divorce is still fresh, but you need soul-searching more than any of us, Chloe. You stayed with a man who cheated on you for years. This is not just a quiz. It’s part of your journey to self-discovery,” Emma said kindly.

“You’re starting to sound more and more like those greeting cards you write,” Taylor Baird said walking into the room, dragging an expensive, black leather overnight case on wheels.

Emma and Chloe smiled at the svelte blond who looked all business in her suit.

“Thank God you’re here, Taylor. Emma brought a quiz,” Chloe complained, saying it as if it were a dirty word. “Command some authority here and tell her no. I moved to the West Coast to get away from being emotionally tortured.”

Taylor laughed, her voice husky. “Remember in college when Emma got the idea that we needed to get our belly buttons pierced to be sexy?”

“Unfortunately,” Chloe said, remembering the trauma all too well.

She had screamed in pain while Emma had laughed and Taylor had winced. But ironically she had kept the hole over the years. Mostly because it had cost her so dearly to get it, but also because it made her feel sexy even if her husband Aaron hadn’t liked it. Wearing jewelry in the hole had been her way of rebelling against him when they fought, which was often during the five years they had been married.

“Earth to Chloe? Where are you?” Emma said, waving a hand in front of Chloe’s face.

“That piercing hurt like hell, Emma,” Chloe said, glaring hard as she remembered the pain.

“Everything worth doing hurts a little. And who was it that ran around in navel revealing shirts all that year? I’ll give you a hint. It wasn’t me or Taylor,” Emma reminded her, not a bit embarrassed to gloat.

“What else could I do but show it off? I figured I might as well enjoy it after going through hell to get it,” Chloe insisted, glaring at Emma who stuck out her tongue.

“I bet you still have it,” Emma said with a knowing grin. “I don’t. Taylor doesn’t. Tell us the truth, Chloe.”

“A woman has a right to some keep some secrets, especially from nosy friends,” Chloe said, turning her back.

When both Emma and Taylor laughed, Chloe rolled her eyes because she had kept her pierced navel. And it had felt very brave to take a healthy chunk of her savings and buy a tiny real diamond studded ring to wear there. It made her feel a lot younger than forty. It had helped Chloe feel a bit better even if her thirty-five year old husband had ultimately replaced her with a twenty-three year old.

Taylor laughed at Chloe’s and Emma’s bickering, thinking five years living on opposite coasts hadn’t changed the dynamic between any of them much. Back in college though, Chloe’s programming to please people she cared about had practically guaranteed she would never outsmart a determined Emma hell-bent on a make-over.

“We were twenty-one not sixteen when we got those, Chloe. You could have said no to Emma about the belly button ring. You can say no to the quiz now. That was my point for bringing it up. It’s time to learn to command your own authority,” Taylor said on a laugh.

“Trust me—I command authority when I need to nowadays, but you’re not fooling me, Taylor Baird. If I don’t play along, you and Emma will think I’m as boring as my ex did,” Chloe said, turning back to shake out her clothes from the exercise duffle she had brought.

All her luggage had been too large for a simple three-night stay in a resort, so Chloe hadn’t bothered. Everything that worked for California fit in the one small bag she’d carried on the plane.

“You are so not boring. Your ex is just a selfish jerk like my mine was,” Taylor said flatly, snorting in derision. “Trust me, you didn’t lose anything divorcing a man who didn’t appreciate you. One day soon, you’re going to be nothing but relieved Aaron’s out of your life. It just takes a while to feel the relief.”

Taylor unzipped her case and starting looking through her clothes. “Now come on. I’m going to treat us all to sexy new dresses to kick off our the weekend. For once, I’m looking forward to letting Emma try to fix me with her quizzes and questions. I haven’t had a decent date in three months. I obviously need an attitude adjustment or something.”

“It’s been two weeks since my last date,” Emma recounted, “but I’ve been sexually abstaining for several months. I’m balancing my chi and preparing for a better relationship. I want to be in a open and receptive state of being when I let the next man into my life.”

Chloe snorted. “Balancing your chi? Wallace, you crack me up.” she shook her head and sighed heavily again. “Well, don’t try to balance mine, Em. I like my chi like it is. I’m still too mad at my ex to even think about sleeping with another man right now. I just want to enjoy my freedom from worrying about what some guy thinks of me.”

Taylor laughed, rich and full. “Well, speak for yourself, Chloe. Honestly, I don’t even remember the last time I had sex. I think I would like someone to unbalance my chi and soon. What I need right now though is some minor lubrication, a late lunch, and some good old fashioned girl fun.”

“Taylor, I booked us appointments in the spa like you asked,” Emma said, speaking to her very savvy business friend who had placed her order for the weekend with specific instructions that she would be picking up the tab. “Full works on all three of us tomorrow at ten, including massages. We’re going to be buffed, fluffed, and stuffed. I hope that’s what you had in mind.”

“Stuffed? What do you mean stuffed?” Chloe asked, gripping a black dress in her hands. “Just what kind of massages did you arrange for us, Emma? I told you I’m not ready for anything yet.”

Taylor fell back on the bed laughing. “Listen to her. The loose goose who used to date three guys at once has now been replaced by an uptight woman afraid of getting laid. I assure you that’s not on the spa menu at this five star hotel. I swear I am never going to visit the east coast if that is what happens to you out there.”

Emma put her chin on her chest and sighed heavily. “I can see unwinding you is going to take some time, Chloe.”

“Yeah? Well, I’m about to show you two skinny blondes how much authority big women like me command. I’m going to sit on Emma’s tiny butt until she tells me what she means by stuffed,” Chloe said firmly, shaking out the five year old black capris that she hoped might still tame her curves.

At a healthy size fourteen, Chloe was not all that big by east coast standards, but in southern California where tanned and toned bodies were the norm, she was twice the size of her two skinny friends.

“Stuffed as in lunch, Chloe. Lunch is included in our treatment. When was the last time you had any fun?” Emma demanded, shaking her head sadly.

Chloe stopped sorting her clothes. When was the last time she had fun? Good grief, she couldn’t even remember. How pathetic was that?

“The last time I had fun was in college,” she answered finally. “Despite Aaron’s time out here, he and his family had very different ideas about fun than I did. Honestly, I don’t know now why I married him now. We didn’t have much in common.”

“You were thirty-five and thought the world was ending because you were way over thirty and still not married. It was easy for you to relate to the sexy, semi-retired football player who spent all his time trying to get you into bed,” Taylor said wisely.

“That’s a truth and Aaron is still sexy,” Chloe said, sighing again. “I didn’t leave him because the sex was bad.”

“Oh—please. Stop mooning over a repeat adulterer,” Emma ordered, her tone fierce. “Trust me, it’s a total waste of time.”

Chloe opened her mouth to tell Emma that Aaron wasn’t as bad as her ex, but Taylor chimed in first.

“You married Aaron for the same reason I married Lewis and in the same year. Being still single at thirty-five sent you right into the arms of the first sexy man who popped the question. Luckily, my opportunistic ex-husband moved on to his next victim when the business failed. I don’t even think I was a woman to him. I was just an investment plan. God—the business failing put me on the right track in a lot of ways.”

Taylor looked over at Emma who hadn’t said anything. She was sitting cross-legged on the bed in a meditative pose, listening and looking serene. Unfortunately, Emma was always serene, Taylor thought, and it wasn’t healthy to hold the hurt in that tightly.

“I guess when it comes down to it, Emma is the only one of us who even came close to finding real love,” Taylor said, wistfully

“Real love? What are you talking about? Brad got another woman pregnant before I even found out for sure that I couldn’t have children. A bad marriage doesn’t get much more pathetic than that,” Emma said lightly, not breaking her pose. “But I’ve separated myself from his energy now. He’s already working on baby number two with his new wife, who is also a twenty-something. I know how you feel, Chloe.”

Chloe looked at Emma and blinked. Truthfully, Aaron’s departure had nicked her pride because she hadn’t wanted to fail in her marriage, but it hadn’t affected her heart much. Emma hadn’t been so lucky. Emma had loved her husband and there had been no other man in her life since.

“Fine. I concede we all need help with our love lives, but if I’m going to have to answer Emma’s dumb quiz questions, it’s going to require more than mild lubrication. I think I’m going to start at lunch and do a follow-up every hour to make sure I maintain a buzz all day,” Chloe said, gracing Emma with as sincere a smile as she could manage. “I deserve it anyway. I haven’t had a good buzz in years.”

Shaking off her mood, Emma stood to wiggle her hips and her eyebrows as she looked at Chloe. “Does alcohol still make you want to get extra friendly?”

“Yes. So don’t let me run off with some strange man tonight. That’s a bit more self-exploration than I’m ready for right now,” Chloe said, letting herself find the humor in it at last.

Listening to both her friends laughing at her pleas, something inside Chloe eased.

She hated being defensive, hated that she’d brought that attitude to these two women who had been true friends to her through thick and thin. They didn’t need her angst on top of their own. She was the fixer, not the fix-ee in their group.

Taylor laughed at Chloe’s confession and sighed at the kindness and caring on her face as well as the return of ease to Emma’s expression. “I have missed you something fierce, Chloe Zanders. The California sunshine is going to melt all that New England angst away soon. By the time you get your tan back, you’ll be a new woman.”

“Wow. Aren’t you the optimist for once? Saving a business agrees with you,” Chloe teased. Then she sighed. “I’m glad to be back. It was way past time to make a change.”

Taylor sprung up from the bed, lithe and confident in her dress clothes, which she intended to shed right now for crops and the tightest T-shirt she owned. “Wear something easy to get out of girls and bring slut shoes if you have them. We’re going shopping.”

Anticipated Release Date: MAY 2012 

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DATING A COUGAR featured in magazine

I just saw that DATING A COUGAR is featured in the April Issue of the Boca Raton Observer. They're using the physical book in the photo. How cool is that?

A friend of mine who used to live in Boca Raton said this magazine is sometimes called the "People magazine of the South". It's nicely laid out and the reviewer does a nice job summarizing the story.

You can look for the review on actual pages 34 and 36 which might start around page 37 in the online file embedded here.

Many, many thanks to my brilliant cover artists Dara England of LFD Designs for Authors and Amanda Kelsey of Razzle Dazzle Designs.