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Art of Love Series (updated Feb 9)

CARVED IN STONE (Book One of Art of Love Series)
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Even though his sons had teased him about not dating, and his ex-wife thought he was still hung on her, 53 yr old Will Larson was glad he had waited until he’d found 47 yr old high school art teacher Jessica Anderson. Jessica had ruthlessly used her art to recover from a brutal sexual assault when she was younger. As far as Will could tell, the only part of her that remained damaged years later was her heart. Jessica assures Will she is incapable of lasting love, but Will refuses to believe it, even though baggage from her past makes her see dating as merely recreational and men as interchangeable. When Jessica promises him temporary fidelity, Will settles for it until he can find a way to convince her she is still capable of love.

CREATED IN FIRE (Book Two of Art of Love Series)
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All Michael Larson wants is to marry Carrie Larson, the mother of his future child, and love them both forever. He doesn’t care how or why Carrie is now in his life and his bed. His sole focus is how to keep her there no matter what it takes. He definitely doesn’t have any intention of honoring the prenuptial agreement with the divorce clause she’d insisted on. He can’t let her go.  He’ll never survive if he loses the only real chance with Carrie that she’s ever given him. Carrie Addison on the other hand wonders how many more times she is going to let Michael  wreck sexual havoc in her life. There is no doubt in Carrie's mind that being with Michael again is a mistake. But even if she is stupid enough to love him, that doesn’t mean she has to live in a bad situation forever. She will give him the child they created, but she is never giving Michael Larson her heart to break again.

CAPTURED IN INK (Book Three of Art of Love Series) 
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At 27 yrs old, graphic novelist Shane Larson believes in trusting the greater plan of the universe and doing good to the best of his ability. To him this is a matter of practicality as much as a spiritual belief about how to live right which is why the road Shane chooses to follow in his life is leading him to use his doctorate in clinical psychology to help people. When a one-night stand turns out to be the woman of his dreams, 27 yr old Shane Larson ends up taking a giant detour as the universe sends him to 34 yr old Reesa Callahan’s front door. There he finds not just the woman he wants, but a whole family that seems to need him. Being in love with Reesa is just as rewarding as his father predicted, but does he have what it takes to love them all?

COMMISSIONED IN WHITE (Book Four of the Art of Love Series)
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A funny thing happened while I was writing Captured In Ink (Book Three of the Art of Love Series). It ended up being very, very long. After the hero Shane manages to find his missing heroine in Chapter One, a lot of new characters enter the story and have to have their say in how things happen. I let them of course because Shane is good listener and wanted to hear, but the end result is that I didn't get around to writing Jessica's and Will's wedding. The book ended before that had time to happen.

Since I am leaving this series until late Spring of next year, I want to find a better pause point. As you read this, I am putting together Commissioned In White which will be a short novella length book that will cover the major wedding, the gallery opening, and a couple other things which I am keeping for a surprise. I'm calling the novella "Book Four".

MORE COMING IN 2012. . .
I wish I could say I would get to the next books in this series sooner than Fall, but I won't be able to do so. I have so much planned for this year and plenty for you to read if you hang in there with me. I just had to take a bit of break from the first two series to get the rest launched. I'm making up for 15 years of not publishing and the creative water is still overflowing the writing dam. Thanks for caring and hitting this post frequently trying to find out!  Here's a breakdown of the next two books in this series. In early summer, I'll update this with covers and blurbs.

COVERED IN PAINT (working title for Book Five of Art of Love Series)
Coming 2012--Late summer/Early Fall (0% done, only a glimmer in my brain at the moment)

This will be Brooke and Drake's story. Things started heating up between them in Commissioned in White and it looks like Drake is finally ready to take a chance on her.

Being quite a bit older the Brooke, the age difference is a bit of a problem for him--and for her, but I don't see this keeping them apart. Drake has loved and lost before and I think this might prove to be the bigger obstacle. We'll see.

CARVED IN WOOD (working title for Book Six of Art of Love Series)
Coming 2012--Later in Fall than Covered in Paint. (0% done, only a glimmer in my brain at the moment)

Joseph and Jillian were a surprise to me. But that's how it happens in real life, too. You see someone that makes you roll your eyes one minute while you want to jump them the next. Their obstacles are built-in and Joseph isn't a guy with the greatest sense of self-worth. Jillian has lots of self-confidence, but she'd going to have to give up her "ideals" and her plans to really see the diamond in the rough Joe is.

On the plus side, this relationship is smoking hot and that makes a nice bridge over troubled waters. Let's hope it works out for them. I'm just kidding about that, but sometimes it does feel like I'm playing matchmaker and relationship counselor instead of writer to my characters. Maybe I am. . .hmmmm. . .back to the shrink for me.


Author's note about series: This series has funny moments, but hits on some very serious topics as the heroines in each book have some serious flaws and challenges. The Art of Love series focuses on the role art plays in the characters' lives and their family relationships. Specifically, the first three  books are about a family of artists consisting of the father, William Everett Larson (53), and his two adult sons, Michael Larson (34) and Shane Larson (27). I genuinely like all three of these men as heroes and think my readers will also. Each has his own appeal and the women they connect to romantically are very interesting. These books are a bit rougher emotional ride as a read, but as always, I can guarantee you a happy ending. I will update this blog post as I continue to work on the series.


redjuliet said...

You are going to make me wait until fall? Are you kidding me? HA HA I know that I will enjoy reading your other works while I wait for these last 2 titles in the Art of Love series. I can't tell you how many times I've read Commissioned in White! It is my current, "What do I want to read? NO, no, no. Oh, I'll just read a few pages of this..." book!
That said, I am looking forward to all your new titles. Thanks for the update!

Donna McDonald said...

I have books that I personally pick up to read now and again when I want a fix of something that I know I'm going to enjoy. Right now that book for me is Jennifer Cruisie's "Bet Me". There's just something about the dialog and the growth of the love relationship in that story that satisfies me. The main characters are so likeable and real. I think that book is Cruisie at her best, writing stories that are fun and funny, though I will also say I have several others of hers (many older books) that I feel the same way about.

I could never describe to any of my readers what it's like when one of you writes to tell me that you're reading and re-reading any of my books for that same reason. I can't imagine much in the world feeling better than that.

At the very least, it sends me back to finish the next story all the time. Thanks for letting me know.

Oh, and I will hurry....but when the books start rolling this year, there will be some variety. LOL

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