Monday, February 13, 2012

Writing from the heart (Adele)

The Wall Street Journal published an article on Adele and her music before she won the Grammy awards. It was very flattering to her work, but also very scientific about why her music has such a profound effect on listeners. Very interesting theory, but I doubt Adele is thinking of science when she sings this. Anyone that has ever loved and lost understands this song instantly and completely. That's the part of us she reaches. We believe the emotion in her words, in her voice, and in her music. You can see it on her face as well.

Romance authors practice "writing from the heart", but the phrase is applicable to any artist/writer/singer who puts this kind of sharing of self and emotion into their work.

Since the WSJ links have a habit of disappearing, I am including another because you don't need the article to get the value of her song--you just need to hear it. Also, there is the bonus of her telling a little back story for the song at the beginning of the second link.

I included "Rolling in the deep" because it is poetry turned to song and one of the most powerful I have heard. I'm happy to share this with the world.

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