Friday, February 24, 2012

Downloads of Dating A Cougar (Feb 2012)

My one year publishing anniversary is coming up in March. I'm no longer able to track downloads of the free book even by estimate because I have it on sites that don't track free books. When I stopped counting, DAC downloads exceeded 300,000 in numbers I could see. 

Over 300,000 people have downloaded my book. That's still so incredible to my mind that I can barely write the number in this post. Sure I know other authors have had more downloads. Some number into the millions. But of their first book ever? When they were an absolute unknown? If that was the case, then they probably know how fuzzy minded this makes me.

I'm content to be a mostly quiet phenomena. It's a pace that suits me. I've found that being an artist requires a balanced perspective on the ebb and flow of sales.

A writer friend in my local group is selling around 4000-5000 books every month. I am currently selling around half of her number. Another writer friend shared her concerns when her book sales dropped below 200 a day for her one tremendous book that hit numbers in 18-20,000 right after she launched it. Yet another complains of selling only 35 books a month.

The winds of fortune blow across every Indie author's sailboat. My little craft is holding steady even when I get seasick. I look at the sky, check the wind, and keep going most days.

Want to know what my #1 comment still is in feedback on DAC?  "Thanks for writing books with older characters. Good to know somebody realized there is sex after 50." 

To those readers looking for more, just wait for this year's releases. I'm tackling sex in the 60's in Book 5 of the Never Too Late series later this spring and Book 6 is going to be another "cougar" story this fall.

For now, I plan to leave DAC free for as long as the distribution gurus and sales channels allow it. Thanks to all of you that read the book and passed it along to others. Word of mouth referrals are the best compliment in the world and I remain grateful for your support.

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