Sunday, January 15, 2012

NTL Contest: Name Jim's and Lauren's Baby (Update Jan 15)


Thanks to everyone who voted. This was great fun for me.

Thanks to Joely Dabson for submitting the winning name. Joely will be receiving the other three printed books in the first series as her prize. I will try mail them out soon Joely!

WE HAVE WINNERS in the first round!!!!!!  I have chosen the five names that I thought would work best in the story. Thanks to everyone who submitted.

Since my new website is still under construction, I have put the five winning names in Facebook Notes. You can now vote for your favorite by clicking the "Like" choice under the name. If you're not on Facebook with me, please send me a friend request. If you don't want to join Facebook, you are welcome to send it to Click your favorite name below to go to directly to the link in FB and vote.

Blaine James

Nicholas James

James Davis

James Blake

James Laurence

I hope to select the winning name by January 11 because I should be working on the book around that time.

Print copies of Dating A Cougar are being mailed to the first round finalists this week. I hope the end of the year holiday rush doesn't delay them too badly.

Just as a reminder, the submitter for the final name chosen is going to win print copies of the rest of the series and get a mention in the upcoming book.

Surprise! Several older readers who read Dating A Saint wrote to tell me they would like to see a story about Lauren's mother. They also made some frank suggestions--very frank--about what needed to happen in the story. I have decided they are right and so will be writing Lydia's story as Book 5 of the Never Too Late Series next year.

The hero coming into Lydia's life is already so much fun that I almost wish I could work on the book now. He reminds me a bit of Gerald in The Right Thing. Oddly enough, I never gave much thought to older men until I started writing them. Now I can't wait to see what kind of trouble Morrison Fox causes for Lydia McCarthy. Don't you think some man trouble would be good for that woman? A trip to see Dr. Logan wouldn't hurt either. Wouldn't that be fun?

Anyway, where I am now in the story is that Morrie's daughter has called Lydia a prune and thinks her father has lost his mind wanting to date her. Morrie's been watching Lydia for a while though and he sees something in her that no one else has noticed yet. Lydia is changing. Now getting your first grandchild will do that to you. If you don't believe me, ask any grandparent.

The problem in my story is that the baby in question doesn't have a name yet. He needs a good one so the yelling will be more effective when his parents, his nanny, and his grandparent have to scold the uber adventurous toddler. No one can quite comprehend why the toddler adores his grandmother so much, but they love that he seems determined to keep her in a constantly messy state.

So will you help me name the baby? In reward for your help, the top five names I choose from all the entries will win a signed print copy of Dating A Cougar (or any other NTL book of his/her choice). After the five names are chosen, I'll put up a survey of the top five names for a reader vote. The winner will receive a complete set of all four print books (not just DAC) and will see their name used in the story.

So here are the rules (only a few).
  1. The son must be named after his father, so "James" or a derivative must be one name. The other name can be anything.
  2. Entries must be sent to with "NTL Contest: Name the Baby". The subject line will help me sort them out from the other email I receive and ensure your entry is seen.
  3. Entries need to be received by December 11, 2011. Please indicate in the email which print book in the series you would like to receive.
Copies of print books will be mailed out to the 5 finalists whose baby names are chosen before the holidays in December, but the other three books will not be shipped to the winner until January sometime after the survey is complete.

Hope you find this contest fun. Thanks for participating!