Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Art of Love Series Update: Book 5 is Next

There were many comments submitted about which book readers wanted next, but in the end, it leaned really heavily in the direction of the Art of Love series. So the next book I am going to write will be "Covered in Paint" which is Book 5 of the Art of Love Series. I don't have that cover yet, but will update this post when I do. However, in preparation for getting started on Book 5, and to do more justice to some of the stories, I had the covers refreshed.

Over the last year, I had many readers find this series either accidentally or by contacting me. Many wrote to me exclaiming "I didn't even know you had a second series!". After hearing this often, I decided to work with my artist to get the second series to look a little more familiar as my work.

I loved the covers of both Books 1 and 3 because they fit the stories so well. I especially loved the one for CAPTURED IN INK because it was perfect for the storyline (I swear my artist reads my mind). Anyway, for those two books, we changed fonts and colors, but basically kept the art. Books 2 and 4 got complete facelifts and I couldn't be happier with the results. 

I have to say seeing the fresh covers has revved me up again for this series. I'm really looking forward now to  revisiting the Larson men and their wives to see how things are working out after all the weddings in COMMISSIONED IN WHITE. I started re-reading CARVED IN STONE last week. I just love Will and his sons. Their scenes together are some of my favorite writing. Then Monday, I wept through CREATED IN FIRE. The storyline with Carrie's parents always chokes me up. Next up is Shane and Reesa in CAPTURED IN INK, one of my all time favorites. Everything in the story was a surprise to me.

For those who might not have read this series, I am including an overview in this post. Throughout the month of October, I'm also going to be re-release the excerpts on the blog along with bigger photos of the book covers. If the writing muses are kind, I'll have an excerpt of Book 5 ready to go out early November.

Speaking of Book 5, it is going to be called COVERED IN PAINT as a nod to Drake's art, which is portrait painting. This will be Brooke Daniels and Drake Barrymore's story.

You all know that I write a lot of "cougar" romances, but this book is going to be about an older man (Drake 42) falling in love with a younger woman (Brooke is 31).

Frankly, I don't know how I'm going to handle writing this book. This kind of relationship has just as many challenges and not all of them about age difference issues. To research, I may have to talk with my mother who habitually dated much older men before finally marrying someone 16 years her senior when she was 47. I'm marrying someone 13 years my junior. Yeah...I didn't get that from my mother...lol.

Description of the Art of Love series

This series starts with three books about a family of male artists consisting of a divorced father, William Everett Larson (53), and his two adult sons, Michael Larson (34) and Shane Larson (27). I genuinely like all three of these men as heroes. Each man has his own appeal and the woman he connects to romantically is equally interesting. Book 4 is a novella that I wrote because I didn't have the heart to make current fans of the series wait a whole year for closure on so many loose ends. It is primarily filled with weddings, business openings, and the setups for Books 5 and 6, which involve from additional family and friends from the new relationships from earlier books.

The Art Of Love series has many funny moments, but while humorous, it also hits on some very serious topics. The heroine in each book has some serious flaw and/or challenge in her life which the hero has to become willing to take on for their relationship to work. To help each couple with their struggle, the Art of Love series focuses on the role art plays in everyone's lives and the family relationship between the characters. 

These books are a bit rougher emotional ride as a read, but as always, I can guarantee you a happy ending in each one.


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Thanks to Dara of LFD Designs for Authors for her patience and help with the awesome new covers!
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