Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dating A Metro Man (Cover and new excerpt)

Dating A Metro Man is still out to editor, but I wanted to share the awesome cover that Dara England made for the book. It is still my hope to get the book released sometime during the July 4th weekend.
I am including another tiny teaser excerpt for those patiently waiting. I'm sorry it couldn't be longer, but had to find something contextually contained to share. 

Setup: Jenna is Lauren's maid of honor and this is a piece of a scene from the wedding. Jenna is discreetly exchanging text messages with someone she lies and pretends is from her work. There was something even funnier Lauren says just before this about Jenna having the cell phone on her person in the first place, but I didn't feel I could include that snippet and keep my PG rating. I am sure you understand. I added a few words here and there for clarity so this version might be a tad different from the finished book version. Hope you enjoy.

The phone buzzed back. Jenna had to read the message twice to take in what it said. When she was done reading, all she could think about was getting to him.
Meet me in the hall. I know someplace private.
Jenna sighed and looked at Lauren in apology. “I need to go take care of something. It shouldn’t take long. Give me twenty minutes. I’ll be back for the cake cutting and the dancing.”
Lauren patted Jenna’s shoulder in understanding before she dashed off.
“Sorry Lauren. Jenna’s been every bit as bad as Seth today about her electronics,” Alexa said sharply, rolling her eyes. “He’s been on the phone since the wedding ended. He’s supposed to be helping Casey provide security.”
Lauren shrugged. “Jenna’s been great. I couldn’t ask for a better MOH. She deserves some relief from her duties,” she said, smiling at Alexa.
And if Lauren had read the text message correctly, Jenna was about to get some. Lauren would have bet her trust fund and all of Jim’s money that the sender of that message was Seth Carter.
“So what’s with the MOH stuff?” Alexa said laughing, “We have to talk in acronyms now?”
“It’s efficient and effective—like sexting—I mean text messaging,” Lauren said, looking at her husband and giggling at his blush. “It was a Freudian slip. I swear.”
“What’s wrong with sexting?” Ben asked, looking at Jim’s flushed face.
“Why is everyone looking at me? I didn’t say there was anything wrong with it,” Jim said, defending himself, and giving his bride a don’t-you-say-anything-more look.
Lauren giggled again.
“Well, I don’t know what the big deal is,” Alexa said, shrugging her elegant shoulders. “If I want to tell Casey something sexy, I call him up and tell him. I don’t know what’s so great about seeing it in black and white on a tiny little screen you can barely read.”
Regina patted her arm. “Some of us like the titillation of reading the words over and over throughout the day. Plus it’s fun to play word games,” Regina explained. “We’re not all as brave as you are about telling men what we want or need. Sometimes it’s easier to do when you can’t see their face, and it gives them time to think about it.”
Alexa snorted. “I guess I like a more direct approach and face-to-face communication.”
Ben linked his fingers with Regina’s and leaned in to kiss her cheek. “I want to sext you for the rest of my life.”
“Kaiser, you’re so pathetic,” Jim said, smirking at the man who he now considered one of truest friends.
“Gallagher, don’t be insecure on your wedding day. I’ve spent months giving you my best tips. Now it’s time go practice them on your wife,” Ben told him with a laugh, loving the way Regina snickered at his side. Her support of him was unconditional and he was already getting to that point where all he could think about getting her home and alone with him.
“Don’t worry, Ben. Jim will not let your training go to waste. I intend to see to it that he gets to practice every day,” Lauren teased, laughing at her husband choking on his drink.
“Am I ever going to get used to that mouth of yours?” Jim exclaimed.
Lauren smiled and held her husband’s gaze as she happily finished the rest of her food. She sincerely hoped Jenna was having as much fun at her wedding as she was.

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