Saturday, June 4, 2011

"Middle class author" makes article in Bloomberg Businessweek

(For an explanation of my title and why I refer to myself as a "middle class author", see this blog entry.)

The book and cover of Dating A Cougar made it into a marketing article in Bloomberg Businessweek!  The article is about marketing to the "cougar" demographic. Check this out.

I did not know about this until today.  A friend of mine sent me the most awesome email in the world this morning. Her husband accidentally came across this in a magazine his sister had saved for him from mid-May. It was truly one of those accidental things the universe does to get to word to you about something important. He was looking through the magazine early this morning when he happened across the cover picture. She said he ran upstairs to show her when he recognized my book. Three books were mentioned in the artcle. Two were shown.  I give Dara England full credit for making the cover design do justice to the story contained within it.

The article in Bloomberg Businessweek, May 16-22, is called
"The Cougar Economy," on pages 74-75 of the print version. It's about cougar dating sites, conventions, websites, etc. It has a half-page of graphics accompanying it, sort of a collage of cougar-related items. My book cover for Dating a Cougar created for me by my totally awesome cover designer shows up in the collage and is mentioned in the article.

The online article has the same content as the hard copy article, but a different title. The book, Dating a Cougar, is mentioned in paragraph six that begins, "Nevertheless, a special name is..."

The sentence that mentions the book says, "...The greater cougar industry has expanded into books (Dating a Cougar, Hot Cougar Sex, A Christian Cougar), television (real-life cougar Courtney Cox's Cougar Town and the reality-TV show The Cougar), and even the big screen."

Here's the online article:

Here's a link to the graphic that accompanies the article in the hard copy. You'll see the book cover there:
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