Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Now Released: Carved In Stone

Carved In Stone (Book One of the Art of Love Series) is now available at Smashwords and Amazon.  Hopefully, it will be available at Barnes and Noble later today (Tuesday) as well.

Now if the publishing gurus are able to get to everything this week, Carved In Stone should ship to Apple, Sony, Kobo and Diesel on Thursday or Friday.  I'll come back and amend this info if I find out differently.

Check out my website at  www.donnamcdonaldauthor.com. I revamped my website a bit over the long holiday weekend and now have links to sale sites. This is the easiest way to check out the books and find an immediate link to your preferred retailer. I am not at Kobo yet (should be in early June), so that link is still missing. I will add Kobo as soon as it becomes a reality for me.

Thanks for taking a look at the new series. Let me know what you think. The characters are a little more intense than the first series, but I did try to lighten things with some humor.  If you want to read the background of this series, check out this blog entry about the first book.

Have I mentioned how much I appreciate all the messages, emails, blog comments, and Facebook posts? Well, I do. I really appreciate hearing from readers.  Thanks so very much for taking the time.
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