Friday, October 14, 2011

Book Release: Created In Fire

There is nothing better for me than ending a week by announcing a new book.

Created In Fire is now available at Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

It will be available at Apple, Sony, Kobo, Diesel, and Scrollmotion in approximately two weeks, probably during the last week of October. I will update these links as soon as it is available.

As an FYI to those who don't want to wait two more weeks on Apple or Sony to get the books (I love you all, more than I can say), Smashwords provides formats that work on almost every reader. You can read the Smashwords .epub file on iPhones and iPads. Here is a link to the Smashwords FAQ about how to load the files on your devices. Scroll down the list and look for the "How do I download to my XXX device?" information.

There is a Chapter 1 excerpt in Facebook Notes if you want to read that in advance, plus my books allow for at least 20% sampling at all retailers that support sampling.

I also decided to include one more tiny teaser scene with this announcement. Since these books deal with family, I thought you might enjoy this tiny discussion between a father and son. Thanks for reading!

Michael smiled and studied the satisfied expression on his father’s face. “I hope you get to look like that for the rest of your life.”

“Look like what?” Will asked. “What do you mean?”

“Contented,” Michael told him. “It’s an emotion I long for but have never felt—well except once, but it didn’t last long. If Carrie would just believe I love her, I think I could find it again.” 

“Contentment is one of the harder emotions to hang onto,” Will said, rising to refill his mug. “It helps if you’re the type of person who regularly counts blessings. Sometimes it’s hard for me, but I keep working at it.” 

“Like being grateful Carrie is here for me to help, instead of her living alone and dealing with being sick by herself?” Michael asked. 

Will nodded. “Yes. That’s a good start.” 

“How long until I get to the contented part?” Michael asked, raising an eyebrow. 

Will shrugged and laughed. 

“Shane was right. You and Mom are not getting any wiser as you age,” Michael said bitterly. 

“You learn wisdom by surviving trials and it looks like you’ll be developing your own soon with all the challenges you’ve attracted to yourself,” Will said, choosing not to be offended by the opinions of the two men he raised. “Michael, you’re thirty-four. It’s time to stop being mad that your mother and I don’t have solutions for you anymore.” 

Michael thought about his father’s statement, ignoring him as he sipped his coffee. “Well, growing up sucks too then,” he said, laughing despite the ache in his chest. 

“I’m sorry you’re having a tough morning, son,” Will offered, fighting the grin that kept twitching the corners of his mouth. 

He shouldn’t laugh, but it was hard not to. He knew his stubborn eldest was going to push, shove, and do God only knew what else to the woman sleeping down the hall. Michael honestly thought he would win the stubborn contest between Carrie and him. 

Will figured it was extremely wise not to point out the futility of that to an already frustrated Michael. He was just glad Jessica was letting him live with her until they found a house to buy.
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