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New Release: "Tempt Me" by JM Madden

In July, I featured and reviewed JM Madden's book "The Awakening Society" for the INDIEpendence Day Blog Hop. JM is one of my favorite new authors and I'm happy to be able to share that "Tempt Me", Book Two in that series is now released. If you could see me, I'd be doing a happy dance. On second thought, maybe I'm glad you can't. is the description and an excerpt she sent me to share. Click photo for Amazon link. Look at bottom of post for a couple others.


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Becoming pregnant when she ‘Awakens’ Harrison Walker for the Society, Tonya Hughes is in a serious predicament. She’s overjoyed about the pregnancy itself, especially since doctors told her it would be impossible for her to ever conceive. But Harrison is way too young to be a father, and his family is outraged by the possible social ramifications. So, they do what they think is best and hide the pregnancy from him.

Harrison Walker is in love with Tonya Hughes, and livid when he realizes he’s been deceived about the existence of his own child. Yes, he’s young, but he can’t do anything about that. What he can do is fight to prove to Tonya he can be part of a healthy, loving relationship even at his age.

But will Tonya be able to trust the man he’s determined to grow into?


Harrison grinned and skimmed his hand up her calf, rubbing lightly.

“You’re very tense, and you don’t need to be.”

“I don’t mean to be,” she admitted. “But my body has other ideas.”

He was quiet for a good while, and Tonya wondered what he was thinking about.

“I would like to know how you’ve been with the pregnancy. Have you been sick or anything?”

She laughed. “Like you wouldn’t believe. It’s not so bad now, but when I first realized something was wrong, I couldn’t keep anything down. It’s better now, but the weight is really starting to add on. And my feet and legs are feeling it.”

He continued to rub her legs, looking thoughtful. “What else? I’m looking for details,” he admitted.

Tonya snorted. “Okay. I have this disgusting craving for mayonnaise right now, even though it gives me the worst gas in the world.”

She giggled, embarrassed that she’d told him, but he seemed to appreciate it.

“I can spend hours at the park, watching little kids run around and trying to imagine what mine will look like.” He sent her a sharp look. “Ours. Sorry. I’m just used to thinking about everything on my own.”

”It won’t be just you now. It’ll be both of us, and eventually the baby.”

It had been just her for so long that the reassurance caught her off guard and tightened her throat with emotion.

“Thank you Harrison.” She waved at her leaky eyes. “This is something else that’s changed. I’m pretty good at being a hard-ass, but my emotions are just out of control right now. I cried for an hour the other day because the parking meter downtown wouldn’t take my change.”

“From what I’ve heard, that sounds pretty normal though, right?” His blue eyes squinted in a smile.

“I think so. The doctor said so anyway. It’s just disconcerting being out of control of your own body.”

His glance flicked to her chest. “I have to say, there do seem to be some advantages.”

Tonya laughed, appreciating the masculine mentality of always reverting to looks. “Yes, there are. My boobs have never been this big before. And they’ve never been so…” her voice trailed off as she realized what she almost said.

Harrison leaned into her further, and she knew from the intent look in his eyes he wasn’t going to let her stop there. “They’ve never been so, what? Sensitive? Needy?”

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Book One of the series is still free if you haven't read it. JM Madden's books are available at any of your favorite ebook retailers.

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