Friday, August 5, 2011

Coming Soon: THE RIGHT THING (single-title)

NOTE: I am using "single-title" to denote that this book is not part of a series. However, I will add a tiny teaser that a minor character in this story will show up in a later series.

Click this link to read excerpts from Chapters 1 & 2 in Facebook (friend me if you need access).

Here's the long book description

When a gunshot wound puts him on six months medical leave, 44 yr old fraud investigator Morgan Reed spends two months alone and lonely in Las Vegas before deciding to spend the remaining four months in Sedona visiting his elderly father. The last thing Morgan expects to find there is that his 72 yr old father has become a local playboy and is being scammed for money by one of the many females in his life. Though it pains Morgan to investigate the man who raised him, doing surveillance on Althea Carmichael gets even more complicated when Morgan discovers how badly he wants to believe the woman professing to be his father's friend is innocent in the matter. He knows that talking a fraud suspect and potential criminal into a having romantic relationship would definitely not be a good thing to do, even if it is the first time he has ever been in love.

At age 54, Althea Carmichael is deeply unhappy with her life. Her decade long widowhood saddled her with a restaurant business she still doesn't want, and then recently with a sick mother-in-law in a nursing home who is under her care. Thea's life is a endless series of hectic work days trying to boost the now failing business. She had little else until Morgan Reed came along and made her want something more again. Despite the fact that Thea doesn't want the complications of a relationship, Morgan Reed talks his way around her reservations and into her bed. Now she is practically addicted to the man and he's leaving in a few months. His looming departure is difficult enough to handle, but nothing compares to discovering Morgan’s real agenda for getting close to her. She is crushed to learn Morgan honestly believes Thea is scamming money from his elderly father. Angry at herself as much as at him, Thea does the only sane thing she can and kicks the jaded, cynical man out of her life for good.
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